Warrior Pee Wee Lacrosse National Championship of Canada
DivisionGM#DayTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScoreOT/SOStatus
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats1Aug, 07, 201709:00Legends Centre 3Team British Columbia2Team Ontario8FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats2Aug, 07, 201710:15Legends Centre 3Team Saskatchewan4Team Manitoba3FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats3Aug, 07, 201711:30Legends Centre 3Team Alberta5Team First Nations8FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats4Aug, 07, 201717:45Legends Centre 3Team Ontario16Team Nova Scotia0FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats5Aug, 07, 201719:00Legends Centre 3Team British Columbia8Team Alberta3FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats6Aug, 07, 201720:15Legends Centre 3Team First Nations9Team Saskatchewan1FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats7Aug, 08, 201709:00Legends Centre 3Team Manitoba1Team Nova Scotia4FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats8Aug, 08, 201710:15McKinney 2Team Ontario12Team Alberta0FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats9Aug, 08, 201711:30McKinney 2Team British Columbia17Team Saskatchewan2FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats10Aug, 08, 201717:45McKinney 2Team Alberta10Team Nova Scotia5FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats11Aug, 08, 201719:00McKinney 2Team Manitoba3Team First Nations13FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats12Aug, 08, 201720:15McKinney 2Team Saskatchewan0Team Ontario15FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats13Aug, 09, 201709:00Iroquois Pad 4Team Nova Scotia2Team First Nations11FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats14Aug, 09, 201710:15Iroquois Pad 4Team Saskatchewan2Team Alberta11FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats15Aug, 09, 201711:30Iroquois Pad 4Team Manitoba1Team British Columbia17FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats16Aug, 09, 201717:45Iroquois Pad 4Team Nova Scotia8Team Saskatchewan3FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats17Aug, 09, 201719:00Iroquois Pad 4Team Ontario12Team Manitoba0FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats18Aug, 09, 201720:15Iroquois Pad 4Team First Nations5Team British Columbia4FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats19Aug, 10, 201709:00Iroquois Pad 4Team Nova Scotia4Team British Columbia13FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats20Aug, 10, 201710:15Iroquois Pad 4Team Alberta11Team Manitoba3FINAL
Pee Wee NationalsPWNats21Aug, 10, 201711:30Iroquois Pad 4Team First Nations3Team Ontario7FINAL
Pee Wee Nationals FinalsPWNats22Aug, 11, 201709:00Iroquois Pad 4Team Manitoba6Team Saskatchewan5FINAL
Pee Wee Nationals FinalsPWNats23Aug, 11, 201710:15Iroquois Pad 4Team First Nations6Team British Columbia4FINAL
Pee Wee Nationals FinalsPWNats24Aug, 12, 201710:30Iroquois Pad 4Team Nova Scotia4Team Manitoba6FINAL
Pee Wee Nationals FinalsPWNats25Aug, 12, 201713:30Iroquois Pad 1Team British Columbia8Team Alberta4FINAL
Pee Wee Nationals FinalsPWNats26Aug, 12, 201715:05Iroquois Pad 1Team Ontario8Team First Nations3FINAL
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