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You will automatically receive advancement notices and important updates for the Division your Team plays in.
If you are unsure of your Category/Class/Level/Team or if it does not appear, please check back before the event begins or ask the Administrator for help.
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We respect your privacy: We will not share your information and all numbers will be deleted at the end of the event/class. By submitting your cell phone number, you are agreeing to receive several text messages sent to your cell phone relevant to your Category/Class/Level/Team during your event/class. To stop receiving text messages immediately, please reply to the last test message received with the single word STOP. Note that for some Events, text messages may be Sponsor supported. (If you have a text message package on your cell phone plan, it is free to receive these text messages. If you click a live link contained in a text message, other charges may apply per your service plan. Visitors from outside Canada may be subject to roaming fees, please check with your carrier.) By using this text messaging service, I agree to abide by all local text messaging laws including not texting while driving. No Texting while Driving
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